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(you can delete this if you want) lets talk about this scene for a min okay? okay. now here we see eren being a lil shit and mikasa getting hurt cause of it but thats not all. eren is mad yet again that mikasa saved him. once he notices the jacket or sweater his wearing he knows its mikasas and he gets irrated his probably thinking that mikasa thinks his a weak lil boy that needs protecting but little does he know how much his words hurt mikasa, all mikasa wants is to protect eren to be by his side to make sure his safe weather its for romantic feelings or just family mikasa loves eren and cares for him deeply. all eren said was 5 simple words and he asked her “did you save me again" to anyone else they seem harmless words but to mikasa they are like daggers to her heart, not only can you see mikasa wanting to cry but you see her grab the scarf eren gave to her the scarf that gave her life that made her want to live again the scarf that gave her a new home. you can just tell that mikasa is so hurt by the words eren says, shes so strong and she always has the same expression and she always has controlof her emotions but when it comes to eren those things dont matter because her tough walls break, because it pains her to know eren doesnt want to be saved by her who knows maybe eren wants to be the one saving her so he gets mad when she does it but ughhsdjfb mikasa is so hurt by erens simple words its just i wanna hug her but yea imma shut up now but just look at mikasa okay and erens face how it changed once he knew it was mikasa who saved him

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    i hate it when mikasa takes levi’s credit for saving eren. levi did most of the work. you haters can come at me if you...
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